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PerPetum works with clients to find the right space to install solar.

PerPetum is thinking out-of-the-box and is not bound to finding sufficient roof space, in fact installations can be on redundant land, as a covering for carparks or even by floating the solar on lakes, disused quarries, brown fields and landfills. Once you have a space in mind, PerPetum can bring the project to life.

In areas with regular grid shutdowns, hybrid solar is an optimal combination of batteries and diesel-generators to secure your supply of electricity and help you realise fuel-savings as well.

Intertex - Kuurne, Belgium


A roof is often the most obvious choice for a solar installation. It's not of any particular use and doesn't produce anything. We help you turn it into an asset. We have solutions for all types of roof (flat, inclined, covered by roofing, steel-deck, etc.). A detailed study is performed. It takes into account the stability of the roof for the additional load of the panels, the potential shading linked to nearby obstacles and an optimisation of the production (kWh/kWp) and the sizing (e.g. an East-West design which increases the density of kWp). In addition to becoming an asset, the installation provides for a better protection and insulation of your roof, thus increasing its lifetime. In some cases where we finance the project, the renovation budget of a roof can be taken into the investment.


Brown fields, disused quarries and landfills are can all be turned into assets by means of a solar installation. Even if 100% of the electricity is sent to the grid, there can be a valid business case. The ground-mounted solution is fully removable. After 20 or 25 years you get your land back as it were. Solar carports on outdoor parking spaces in combination with EV chargers, show your commitment towards environmental sustainability, protect vehicles and have a high marketing impact.

Carrières du Hainaut - Soignies, Belgium

Hesbaye Frost - Geer, Belgium


All available surfaces of still water can be turned into assets with a solar installation. Floating solar systems have become competitive and bring a lot of collateral advantages:
  • Reduction of water evaporation to conserve irrigation or drinking water
  • Slower algae growth thanks to the shielding of the water by the floating island
  • Low environmental impact: no excavation work, no impact on water quality
  • Reduced erosion of reservoir embankments by reducing waves
  • Higher electricity production thanks to the cooling effect of water on panels and cables

Hybrid & Storage

In case of the absence of a reliable energy supply distribution network, we can offer you cost-effective alternatives to secure your energy supply by means of hybrid solar installations.

How does it work?
An hybrid solar PV installation is able to work with the public grid (On-Grid Mode) or with the diesel power generators (Off-Grid Mode). To enable these 2 operations modes, the solar PV plant is equipped with an Energy Management System (EMS) which controls and manages the output of the solar inverters.

On-Grid Mode
The solar PV plant works in parallel with the public grid (net-metering). The EMS is connected to the grid meter and is able to shave the output of the solar PV plant in order to avoid the injection into the grid (if this injection is not authorized by the local grid operator). During this mode, you save kWh from the grid.

Off-Grid Mode
In case of grid blackout, the solar PV plant works in parallel with the diesel power generators. The EMS will manage the PV plant production in order to maximize fuel savings; the EMS keeps as much as possible the output of the diesel generator at a minimum level and manages the PV output in order to cover permanently the load. During this mode, you save fuel.

Cimburkina - Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso


PerPetum places the needs of the client at the centre of each project, developing each plant to seamlessly integrate with the on-site equipment and produce (exceptional) yield which is backed up with a performance guarantee.

Our aim is to green your energy supply, to lower your cost of energy sourcing, and to provide you with security of supply.

We are specialized in “beyond the meter” applications, whereby we take the local load profile and the local constraints into consideration. By “smart puzzling” we identify the sweet spot.

Go Patat - Blandain, Belgium

Food and beverage

The food & beverage industry is an intensive energy-consuming industry where electricity costs are signifiant. A solar installation can help you cover a significant part of your electricity needs, at a competitive price. Moreover, it will help you achieve your goals in terms of your CO2 footprint as per your sustainability strategy. This industry also has intensive needs of heat or cooling for its processes. Part of the solar production can be converted and stored by means of cooling or heating. There is no waste of the solar production and the solar penetration is optimised (no sizing limitation).


The renewable energy is an opportunity for the mining & mineral extraction sites. The renewables assist in stabilizing or decreasing energy prices, help to solve concerns about energy security and are part of the solution to combat the climate change. The renewables can improve the community perception of the quarry and mining operations, can help to fight against the community resistance and against the NIMBY issues. Rehabilitation of brown fields, old quarries, polluted sites.

Carmeuse - Moha, Belgium

Trademart - Brussels, Belgium


Because the production of the solar installation can be distributed across your retail customers, you can market your real estate in a more attractive way with lower energy prices. Any outdoor parking space can be covered by a solar carport. It protects the vehicles, produces energy and has a high visual impact. The parameters of the solar installation (production, size, etc.) can be shown on large visual displays in places with the most visibility. More and more shareholders, customers, suppliers and partners care about your CO2 footprint.


The bigger the share of energy in your production processes, the more interesting solar becomes. Indeed, a lower cost of electricity helps make your industrial products more competitive on the market. In addition, the synergy of a local production, storage & load management will significantly improve your consumption profile and lower the prices of sourcing from the grid. In areas with regular grid shutdowns, hybrid solar is an optimal combination of batteries and diesel-generators to secure your supply of electricity.

Mafer - Grace Hollogne, Belgium

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We do the optimal puzzle between integration of clean power production, storage and load management in order that 1 + 1 + 1 = 4.

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