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Solar without investment

Because of our strong experience with that make green energy affordable for all businesses, we are well placed to help you develop your solar project with:

  • A tailor-made PPA (Power Purchase Agreement)
  • A financing mix of crowd-lending/funding that brings social value for the community, and more traditional financing with strong financial partners

Working internationally is all about measuring and calculating risk. The higher the risk, the higher the level of guarantee which will be required. You wish to develop projects in markets where no framework exists to deploy renewables? We can help you. One of our focus in such cases, is to ensure that 100% of the production is directly produced and consumed at your premises.

The project can be structured in such a way that either you invest in the power plant (on-balance), or PerPetum & a 3rd party act as investors (off-balance). In the latter case, the power is sold via a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). A PPA structuring gives you the choice to invest in your own core activities and to remain with an unburdened balance sheet and untouched credit lines.

If renewable energy were your core business, you would not be reading our website. By working out a tailor-made off-balance solution for your project, we help you extracting more financial means for your core activities. The savings (vs. grid price and/or fuel) you make together with the stability of supply, do all contribute to your bottom line.

Want to save 25% on your energy bill?

Why buy grey power form the grid when you can produce green energy for yourself? Without any investment and with a comfortable discount of 25% on your energy bill.

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