EV Charging

With electric mobility as fast evolving topic, charging infrastructure will be key to the success of this technology.
Perpetum Energy has experience in installing EV Chargers at a scale of +100 charge points on one site.


Energy flowing from solar, wind and grid to charging points.

In combination with our renowned solar car ports we can install EV Chargers of your choice as we support multiple brands. Perpetum takes pride in a total unburdening of the project where we take care of the project from equipment selection to final commissioning.

You can also opt for e-mobility as a service where we take care of everything past commissioning as well. Just park up, plug-in, swipe your card and start charging. We’ll handle the rest with our back-office partners.

Of course these chargers can be programmed to optimize the energy consumption. We offer:

  • Dynamic load balancing: where we use the available capacity of the connection point to charge all cars; or
  • Focus the cars to charge using green energy to fill the batteries and optimize local consumption; or
  • Charge at flexible power levels to assist in balancing the grid.
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