Data management and Energy control


Radio waves to the cloud

Advanced monitoring

Thanks to our in-house developed monitoring platform, we have optimized the services for managing a PV power plant. Through dedicated communication protocols and analytical algorithms we collect and process informtation on inverters, energy meters and weather sensors independantly of manufacturer platform. All of your plants will be accessible on our single unified platform.

Thanks to early warning systems we monitor for both short term breakdown as well as long term degradation effects such as foaling, hot spots or cracks.


Thanks our advanced AI algorithms developed together with our partners we can forecast production output. As it is important to keep the grid in constant balance of supply and demand, the market requires consumers and producers to communicate well in advance how much offtake or injection they will do. When users do not comply with their initial energy budget, they are forced to purchase energy on the ‘unbalance market’. Which is a short term ’15-minute’ market to buy and sell energy.

We can work together with your energy department to keep these costs as low as possible buy estimating the energy production of the solar plant in advance through AI models.

Energy steering

We can even go one step further, thanks to remote and/or automatic energy steering we can further optimize production to meet your requirements.

On the energy trading markets prices can go negative when there’s an overabundance of energy. (i.e. sunny and windy weekends). Stricter policies and rising unbalance costs can now also be met with by energy steering. You can set timeslots when the power plant should be restricted or have our AI decide the optimal restriction time with the market prices as input.


When desired we can keep you updated with monthly mail reports stating production numbers, performance ratio, availability percentages and more.

Data analytics

We centralize all data feeds related to the plant, and if desired the main grid meter, in our platform. This gives you and your energy department to poll data automatically through our set of API’s or through our Excel download feature to deep dive and analyze energy flows.

This is useful to handle: invoicing, cost reduction, energy optimization, etc.