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Our vision

Our vision is to guide every industrial consumer towards 100% green energy and at a lower cost. To make the transition to a carbon free world even easier, we propose 'Energy as a Service'. Hereby PerPetum integrates sustainable technologies within the consumer. We provide solid guarantees whilst the industrial consumer is unburdened and can liberate capital for its core business.

Luc Leenknegt
CEO of PerPetum

Company positioning

PerPetum challenges the existing bigger companies. Our aim is to deliver a better cost/quality ratio. This is possible due to a well adjusted structure with lower overhead and quick decision traject. PerPetum is big enough to care - small enough to share: our strategy is to grow together with our customers and our partners.

Jérôme Flament
Commercial director PerPetum

Where we operate

From our headquarter in Belgium we are active in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Local offices in The Netherlands, Morocco and Nigeria.

PerPetum works across the EMEA, fulfilling projects for key clients wherever you may be based.

We have a continuous local presence in Belgium, UK, the Netherlands and Morocco. From our Belgium centre of competence we can delegate experienced project managers for projects throughout EMEA.

PerPetum has proven to be able to deliver the European standard of work in a variety of challenging locations and market conditions. We are the perfect challenger, whereby we combine high standard of work with low overhead and quick internal decisions .

Want to save 25% on your energy bill?

Why buy grey power form the grid when you can produce green energy for yourself? Without any investment and with a comfortable discount of 25% on your energy bill.

Check today what you could produce soon. Fill in your contact information and we will get in touch.

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Serge Berberof

Account Manager Belgium

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  Serge Berberof

Merijn Van Vlimmeren

Account Manager the Netherlands

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  Merijn Van Vlimmeren

Paul Desender

International Development Manager

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  Paul Desender

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