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Using clean, sustainable wind energy not only makes a positive impact on your bottom line by reducing your monthly electric bills, it’s also a highly visible symbol of your business’ commitment to reducing its dependence on fossil fuels.
What you should know

•   Depending on the country you wish to install wind turbines, you will often need to obtain a construction license. This process can be time intensive, so it’s important to start in a timely manner.

•   For your installation to yield a high ROI, a minimum average wind speed of 3 m/s and a capacity of 2 MW is required.

•   At PerPetum we look to install those windturbines which will most closely match your energy consumption profile. To do so, we use software modelling tools, measurement with meterological masts & average speed data to predict your wind speed, the key factor in determining the output of your installation.

•   It will not be possible to install windmills in certain locations due to some of the following factors: noise, interference with the natural migration pattern of birds, …
How it works

Wind power is generated by capturing the kinetic energy of wind and converting it into electrical energy by a turbine. The turbines possess three essential components: the blades, the shaft, and the generator. The blades capture kinetic energy and transform it into transitional energy in the shaft, where it is channelized into the generator
Some Facts about wind turbines

•   A modern wind turbine typically has a capacity of around 2-5 MW

•   A 3 MW wind turbine will generate around 30% of its maximum theoretical capacity resulting in 5256 Megawatt hours (MWh) generated per turbine per year

•    A wind turbine will generate enough green electricity for the average annual needs of around 1100 homes, using an average demand of 4700 kWh per house

•   Wind turbines usually operate 75-90% of the time – but not at full capacity.

•   The wind turbines will generate electricity when wind speeds fall between 7.5 km/h and 90 km/h. Safety measures are present to shut down the turbines in case of extreme wind speeds.