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Bio energy can be uniquely interesting for your company because it solves two problems at once: reducing the cost of waste management & reducing dependency on external energy sourcing.
Smart Monitoring

Anaerobic digestion is a delicate process which requires the right harmonics to be respected in order not to destabilize the system. Comparable to the human digestive system where irregular intake of nutrients will upset our stomach, will unmonitored input cause the generation of biogas to be less efficient or even halt.

PerPetum is your partner in monitoring your installation
and making sure your waste is being processed in the
most efficient way.
How it works

The process of converting your waste into a usable energy and heat source is quite simple.

 First we analyze which of your companies waste is suitable for digestion and make an optimized mix. This is important not to upset the harmonics of the digestion. These waste materials are then fed into an anaerobic digester where this organic material is converted into biogas.

This process is called “anaerobic digestion” – a series of processes in which microorganisms break down biodegradable material
Added value
Smart technology

At PerPetum we optimize the conversion of biogas by means of a cogeneration unit. This unit will convert your biogas into electricity and heat, both which can be used in your existing operations. Electricity can be consumed or  injected into the grid, heat can be processed (steam, water, air) or used in an ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle) to produce electricity.

Using cogeneneration technology we achieve an efficiency increase of 48% (see figure)
Important to know

Your whole installation is constantly monitored and controlled by means of controllers. Various safety measures will be implemented to avoid biogas emissions. In case of engine failure (the engine is responsible for the extraction of biogas out of the digester), under and overpressure devices will make sure your installation is not overtaxed.

All our safety measures will be laid out in detail in our complete safety study