Operations & Maintenance



PerPetum offers all the essential elements to  assure your installation keeps maximum efficiency during its years of operation. Minimizing downtime after all, means maximizing energy production and revenues and means that profits forecasted will be met or exceeded.                ___________________________________________________________________________________

In particular, our main goal with our Operation & Maintenance services is to make sure you can focus on your core activities knowing that your energy production is in good hands. To this end we come with a good contractual understanding with our client.

We agree on a minimum performance ratio in function of the type of service contract. Should this ratio not be met, we will pay the difference. This way your performance is guaranteed. In fact, our company has an excellent track record in this domain, because of our detailed monitoring process.This is how we work:


Daily monitoring:   Our engineers perform daily scans to spot any irregularities and prevent possible shutdowns of inverters which could lead to power losses. Next to this, all our systems have been equipped with an automatic email notification system, alerting our staff if any of the parameters set are not in sync with the expected values. This way, corrective measures can be undertaken, whether remote or on-site.



Monthly report:   We provide our clients with a detailed monthly analysis of how their system has performed. We  provide you with key KPI’s such as energy generated, energy efficiency, … and suggest possible measures to optimize those ratio’s.



Annual analysis & reporting:   On a yearly basis, our service professionals perform a full inspection of your installation & run detailed analysis to detect possible negative indicators and take corrective measures before a problem can occur. After this, you will receive a yearly analysis of your system, and you can verify whether the agreed performance ratio has been met.