Third Party Investors


Renewable Energy offers ideal investment opportunities: It’s both low-risk due to guaranteed government support tariffs and offers high ROI & RII. An RII of 10%-15% is realistic & Return on Investment goes as high as 300%.

PerPetum – the critical link

Whichever legal framework you chose for your investment, PerPetum will facilitate support to make sure your investment needs can be fully met.

We enhance the security of these investments by offering above industry standards long-term warrantees and tailor-made maintenance schedules. These elements are all included in a transparent way in a binding contract between all parties. As such, we try to establish confidence between investors, company owners, and financial partners.

PerPetum maintains strong strategic partnerships with financial institutions in order to assure that our clients have competitive funding options available for their renewable energy project of choice. To assure the continuity of these relationships, we choose to work only with materials which get the highest financial ratings.

Over the years we have built up strong partnerships with banks which allows us to assist your company in various financial constructions. To maintain these strong ties, we follow strict procedural guidelines assuring all of our materials have the highest ratings with financial institutions in order to assure that your project gets the best financial rates available.

As an EPC contractor with a proven track record, we set high quality standards every step of the way (from studies, engineering to operations & maintenance) assuring the highest possible performance and by consequence higher returns are achieved.

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