At PerPetum, we work with our clients to assure they have a wide range of financing & legal options available to make sure they can realize their renewable project. 


The frameworks above depict some of the legal structures we help set up for our clients so they keep maximum flexibility about how they want to finance their project.

Some companies choose to invest themselves with the support of bank (leasing, …). It’s important to know that we adhere to the most strict conditions and terms for bankability, materials, guarantees.This way we assure that our clients can readily receive bank agreements and support to invest.

So, it’s a piece of cake for our clients to receive a bank-agreement and support to invest.

For companies who do not wish to invest themselves in renewable energy, but who would like to reap the benefits (sustainable image, protection against rising energy cost, securing own energy production, …) we offer a wide range of solutions.

PerPetum as Investor

  • We take charge of all the Capital investments, operation and maintenance costs over the lifetime
  • The company takes advantage of lower energy consumption & lower energy prices. This advantage is generally split between the company and us.
  • We own the right to the financial support mechanism & to the part of the electricity not used by the company.
  • Full support & transparency is provided in order to establish a legal contract and lease document.


We continuously possess a large portfolio of projects where roof/ground owners/company owners seek to work with external investors. Unlike our competitors, we do not apply any finding fees, success fees, brokerage fees,  We only commission for the added value we can create for both parties. This is our commitment to you.

Please consult our third party investor page to learn about the possibilities for third party investors.

Are you interested in discovering more about possible investment options? Don’t hesitate, and  contact us today!