Way Forward

Perpetum is your partner in evaluating the potential for solar in your business!

Below you will discover the 7 milestones during which we will accompany your project to make it a success. Projects are managed from start till final acceptance, scope, quality, procurement, timing and costs are monitored and controlled by our team of specialists.

1. Pre-Feasibility

In an initial phase we make a study on the financial validity of the different renewable technologies in function of your unique company profile. We also make assessments whether your company will pass the mandatory studies which need to be performed. This leads to an initial proposal.

2. Feasibility

After an intention declaration has been established, a network study and stability study is being conducted to verify if the project meets the right requirements to install the PV system.

3-4. Engineering & Kick off

Given green light from the studies, and after a firm order has been reached, we move to the Engineering & Kick off phase. First the detail engineering happens and a Bill of Materials is constructed. When the engineering is done, we move to the Kick off phase were all the agreements are made on the execution of the project.

5-6. Execution & Commissioning

The execution phase is when the works take a start. This includes a heist day and AC/DC Mounting. When the works are finished, the project gets commissioned after the Distributor Network Operator gives green light.

7. After-Service

At Perpetum a project does not end at final acceptance, Our team of service engineers is available for you. Our special service contract makes sure you’ll never have to worry about the performance of your installation, as a specialized team monitors your installations performance on a daily basis.

Do you have an interesting project, but does your current investment portfolio not permit the investment in solar? No problem! PerPetum can partner with you to offer full financing options.