Investing in a PV system is a very reliable and secure investment. It allows you to capitalize on your existing construction and reduce your energy costs & carbon footprint in the process.

Unique Warranty

Due to the quality of our materials and the high engineering standards we use to design your solar system, we now can offer you an  exceptional 20 year warranty.

This warranty includes:

•   Guaranteed minimum returns for 20 years
•   Full Coverage on all materials for 20 years including
        o Pieces
        o Work
        o Transport
•   Damages: Both external & internal causes are covered
•   Loss of production

How it works

A solar power system uses photovoltaic (PV) technology to harness the sun’s rays, converting sunlight photon energy into electrical current. Solar power panels produce energy from daylight, not direct sunlight, so they still produce electricity on cloudy or overcast days. This solar power can be used to power your business or injected into the grid.