Most countries offer subsidies in form of FiT (Feed in Tariff) or REC (Renewable Energy Certificates) per kWh based on the cost required to generate the technology. Please consult our download section to discover how much you can save with these government subsidies.


At PerPetum, we believe in offering our clients the financial security they
deserve. Because of our expertise and detail engineering our systems are up to 10% more efficacious than industry standards, and we link this with strong minimum performance guarantees over the lifetime
of the system.

PV systems are very safe and highly reliable

The estimated lifetime of a PV module is 30 years. Furthermore, the modules performance is very high providing over 80% of the initial power after 25 years
which makes photovoltaic a very reliable technology in the long term.
Furthermore, using PVGIS, it is possible to make very reliable projections
about the minimum output of your system

High Financial returns

Current solar systems can be expected to recoup investment in only a few years, with the average system expected to last 15 to 20 years beyond the break-even point.

Rising Energy Costs

In most European countries, energy prices have gone up 4% every year since 2000. By contrast, your solar system will continue to generate free electricity. You take a significant step towards protecting yourself against this phenomenon.

Solar energy boosts more than just your bottom line

•   Establish your company’s green identity 
•   Be known as a trendsetter, not a follower
•   Employer branding: make your employees proud to work for your company
•   Generate positive word of mouth