Some statistics

By 2030, according to the EPIA-Greenpeace Solar Generation Advanced Scenario, solar PV will have reduced annual global CO2 emissions by just over 1,6 billion tonnes. This reduction is equivalent to the output of 450 coal-fired power plants (average size 750 MW). Cumulative CO2 savings from solar electricity generation between 2005 and 2030 will have reached a level of 9 billion tonnes. The average PV installation takes on average only 2 years to produce the energy which goes into producing, operating and recycling the system. Taking into account that PV systems last up to 30 years, this means that the net benefit for the environment is significant.

Did you know?

PerPetum only uses fully recycable materials, as it handpicks suppliers which have a partnership with PV cycle ( This means that all materials we use in your installation will be freely recycled into raw materials which can be reused. In this way we contribute to the reduced energy cost which goes into producing the solar panels.

You would have to plant 863 fullygrown trees per year, for 20 years, to match the savings in CO2 emissions that installing a 100kW solar system would provide.

Solar PV systems emit no CO2,greenhouse gases, or air pollutants. Furthermore, they are completely noise free, nor do they leave any odor. Start today with reducing your carbon footprint!