Black Box

At PerPetum we are serious about helping companies strive to energy autonomy and maximizing their resource valorisation. The flowcharts above explain how we try to achieve this goal. Working closely together with our clients we assess which approach is the best fit for their company.  



We identify companies with a potential for renewables which have a high energy consumption. These companies are relying heavily on external sources to fuel their production and often have waste streams and losses which are currently unvalorised. Their energy costs are high, their energy independence low, and they have a negative CO2 profile. After careful research we determine which of the following approaches will best meet the companies unique demands.

Black Box Approach:   Using the black box approach, we look at the companies energy demands as a whole and try to pair it with the appropriate mix of renewables in order to maximize autoconsumption of their own energy. Wind, Bio and Solar all offer their unique sets of advantages which are carefully compared with the internal needs of the company to come up with the best solution. As such, a cost reduction is realised, the independence on external resources has diminished and the carbon footprint of your company drops.

Zoom In Approach:   With the Zoom In Approach we go beyond the conventional way of working in the sector by fully customising the installation to your specific energy flows. We analyse separate energy streams through an intensive logging campaign, register losses and look for ways to optimise these energy streams in your company so losses can be avoided; on top of this we actively implement measures to match the energy demands of your company with the energy production of the chosen renewable technology and suggest storage possibilities for the excess in energy.

Zoom Out Approach:   The Zoom Out Approach takes things to a next level by looking for synergies between companies so that both companies can benefit from eachothers unique energy demands. Common Energy Production allows us to go beyond the limitations of traditional renewable energy production by searching for partnerships which allow to fully maximize energy streams and recycle all losses.

In all these approaches our guiding principle is close the loop. We strive to engineer selfsustaining energy systems by closely listening to our client and carefuly analysing the weaknesses and opportunities each client has.