PerPetum believes in the power of Partnerships. Having developed a strong expertise in project management (engineering, design & drawing, project execution and planning), we strongly believe in the idea of “Sutor ne ultra crepidam” – Shoemaker not above the sandal.


Having realized that a project is only as good as its weakest link, we have over the years developed a set of strong partnerships, who are each experts in their respective domain.

Manufacturing companies (solar modules, inverters, cogeneration, wind mills, …):   As an independent company we try to look for the best possible manufacturing company to partner with for any given company, to achieve the crucial balance between optimal performance and returns. Our strong leverage position allows us to negotiate first-level preferential purchase relations.

Construction and roofing companies:   Depending on the project, we have handpicked teams specialized for the task-at-hand. Types of projects can include: entirely new buildings, building integrated solutions, trackers ground-mounted installations, carports, etc…

Permits and Planning, Administrative & Legal:   PerPetum has developed close relationships with these agencies to ensure your project gets approved in a timely manner and all administration is handled in such a way that it meets the legal requirements.

Structural Analysis companies:   We work closely together with these companies in order to build an action plan for your firm. They help us in determining what your facility can handle structurally, in order for us to design the best possible project.


Knowledge organizations, universities:   We realize that human capital is our greatest asset. Therefore we continuously train our staff and partner with universities to make audits, in order to have our company ready for any challenge ahead of us.

PerPetum is co-sponsor for a number of applied research topics.