Offices & People

 OFFICES    ________________________________________________________________________________

The image above depicts the locations of our offices in Belgium, France  and the UK.   __________________________________________________________________________________


Luc Leenknegt, CEO  

Mr. Leenknegt established PerPetum in the fall of 2006. His success in developing Perpetum over the last six years, having grown from a company which started with two people to a business which now operates throughout Europe, and has a constant growth rate in a turbulent market, clearly demonstrate the strategic vision and leadership skills he possesses. He credits the growth of his company to his unwavering ambition to create true value. He is a firm believer in making iron guarantees for all his customers and making sure his company can deliver on them. Mr. Leenknegt holds a Master of Science in Bio engineering.

Dieter Rauwoens, Operations Manager  

Mr. Dieter Rauwoens joined PerPetum as our Operation Manager in April 2011. Mr Rauwoens has over 15 years of extensive experience in operations and field management in technology and energy industries. Before joining PerPetum, mr. Rauwoens served as Operation manager for major companies such as Clear Channel and Dalkia. Mr Rauwoens holds a Master of Science in Economics obtained at the Erasmus College in Brussels. His extensive professional experience and strong work ethic have made him invaluable for our company in delivering excellent results.


Jérôme Flament, Commercial Director  

Mr. Flament has been appointed to the new position of Commercial Director in August 2011. This position was opened due to the rapid growth which characterized PerPetum and to meet our strategic goals for  2015. His goal is to manage our sales force across the countries where PerPetum is active and to set strategic objectives for sales growth throughout Europe. Having built up an impressive track record as a director for companies such as Logicom and Carrières Unies de Porphye, mr Flament soon proved to be a key asset. Mr Jérôme Flament holds a Master in Mining and Mineral Engineering.