Mission & Vision


PerPetum is serious about challenging traditional energy business concepts. Our mission is to help companies with significant energy needs source their own energy, and as such remove reliance on  external energy sources, pollution, rising energy costs AND make them more competitive in the process.

PerPetum realizes this mission by:

Rolling out Integrated Solutions to expand the ways in which we can help our clients in each of the countries our EPC Project Development Business is active. These solutions are based on Photovoltaic, Wind, Bio with Cogeneration.

Broadening our expertise and “know-how” in the domain of renewable energy. We want to be a thought-leader in the renewable energy market by our engineerial ingenuity. This is done by hiring talents with a background in environmental studies, and by continuously training our employees to better assist our clients.

Not accepting mediocre solutions. Our engineers go through great lengths and depths to assure your installation has the best possible performance and is the most sustainable .


Think about a future where you are in control of your own energy production. A future where your energy production is sustainable, and you are no longer dependent on the energy companies, being fully able to provide in your own energy needs.

With PerPetum, this future becomes today.