Our Culture


PerPetum’s culture revolves around three central pillars: Evolution, Respect and Value Creation.       ___________________________________________________________________________________

“Innovate or Die” – The famous words by Marketing Expert Philip Kotler are truly reflected in the culture at PerPetum. Every day we try to push the boundaries of quality and technology we can bring to our customers.  We believe in a flexible business model where continual improvement is embedded.

“Respect a man, and he will do all the more” – John Wooden

We try to reflect this to both our customers as our colleagues. In the end, they are all stakeholders of our success.  At PerPetum colleagues are friends, with a heart to make the company succeed.  While everyone has their specific job description, there’s a constant willingness to fill gaps where others need it. We respect our customer by treating him like an equal. We always disclose full information, transparency in prices, and give him a customized project which best fits his needs.

At PerPetum, there’s a culture of value creation. We go beyond delivering maximum ROI and green energy security by thinking together with our client. Every client is a partner, and we grow together towards a more sustainable future.