About Perpetum


A dynamic and growing enterprise specialized in: renewable power systems, design, financing, installation, monitoring, and related services.


PerPetum  was founded with a clear mission: Help businesses to adopt clean power, and provide them with ownership of their energy sourcing.

Our company is actively brokering partnerships between investors and businesses to make the transition to sustainable energy more accessible than ever. It offers unmatched ROI guarantees towards all of its clients, a promise it can deliver due to its operational excellence and engineering precision. Furthermore, it offers warrantees above industry standards so maximal security can be achieved.

PerPetum is currently active in the European market with head office in Drongen, Belgium, holds a wide portfolio of projects in solar energy, and is rapidly expanding its expertise to other sustainable energies such as wind energy and bio energy. Our present focus area is Western Europe & Mediterranean (incl N-Africa), where we want to become a full product & service provider by 2015.

We plan to be a trendsetter in the European renewable energy sector, and to provide businesses with affordable, clean power for many years to come.